Rebuild Your Sleep

Welcome to Build Better Sleep. My name is Jason Piper, and I will be your sleep architect. I believe you have the ability to rebuild your sleep.

Are you reading this in the middle of the night either because you can’t fall asleep or you woke up and can’t get back to sleep?

Is the morning coming fast and your anxiety increasing because you are dreading how you are going to be feeling at work?

You’d love to fall asleep without worry and wake up feeling well-rested and energized. You think sleeping should be simple?

Which is why it’s so frustrating to start your day feeling flat-out exhausted and wondering how on earth your life ended up like this.

Your ability to sleep should not hinge on sleeping pills or alcohol and your ability to function during the day should not involve a non-stop IV drip of caffeine.

You are good at your job, but your performance is starting to suffer. How are you supposed to be creative, manage employees, or make sales when you can barely keep your eyelids open during the day?

It is a vicious cycle that is playing out each day for you. All day long through meetings and calls you are in a brain fog, but come bed time you are unable to fall asleep. My job is to rebuild your sleep so that you can function at peak performance.

If you have gone to your doctor about your insomnia, most likely they asked a few questions and wrote you a script for Ambien. Not really helpful because sleeping pills don’t solve what actually is at the foundation of your insomnia and they aren’t good for you long term.

It’s not your doctor’s fault though. Unless they are specializing in sleep medicine, they spend a day or two on sleep before moving onto some other subject. While your doctor is only going to ask you a few questions, when you work with me, I am going to literally ask you over 100 questions.

Sleep issues can be complicated and it might not be just one thing stopping you from getting restful sleep. Asking the right questions, helps me to understand you.

Context is critical to understanding how all the parts of your life both physical and psychological play a role in your sleep.

If you are ready to end your insomnia and get back to excelling at work whether you are a CEO, C-level employee, or entrepreneur then reach out to me right now. Change requires action.

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